Talk “BTS NOW Talk”, Fancam (member-specific video)

The new song “Permission to Dance” will be recorded on the CD of the digital single “Butter” released simultaneously worldwide on May 21st. It will go on sale in South Korea today on July 9th, and will go on sale in Japan from July 13th. In addition to the performance live “A Butterful Getaway with BTS” mentioned above, member talk content “BTS NOW Talk” and focus video for each member called Fancam will be distributed. Talk and Fancam videos will be exclusively distributed by LINE MUSIC in Japan. The distribution will be broadcast twice with the same content, scheduled for the first broadcast from 21:00 and the second broadcast from around 22:20. The first time, “BTS NOW Talk” will be held from 21:00, and the performance live “A Butterful Getaway with BTS” will be held from 21:30. After updating the LINE MUSIC app to the latest version, you can watch it by tapping the banner on the top page. Since it is broadcast distribution (linear broadcasting), once viewing is stopped, the distributed content cannot be rewound and viewed until it is resumed. Also, it will be broadcast only on July 9th today, and there will be no archive distribution.