[Video]A video where you can learn how to use Kazuya, such as various skills for deviling.

-Kazuya in “Smash Bros. SP”, which has the most types of techniques among all characters, is likely to be the character of choice for the user. Because Kazuya basically uses a fist, the short reach is outstanding compared to characters such as swordfighters. In addition, since the technique is delayed, it is difficult to confront a quick character. Instead, Kazuya has a heavy attack per shot, and some attacks are given super armor. Since it can interrupt the opponent’s attack while receiving damage, it is also possible to fight by “cutting meat and cutting bones”. Due to its high attack power, it may have the advantage of being able to reverse the situation with just a few attacks. In addition, Kazuya has a slightly special operating system in the image of the original. Basically, in “Smash Bros.”, you can use the normal tricks properly by inserting the sticks in the three directions of “up, side, and down”. However, in the case of Kazuya, it also supports diagonal input, and each technique changes depending on the stick input in eight directions. Furthermore, even if the stick is tilted in the same direction, another technique may occur while crouching. In addition to that, there are also techniques that occur when you enter a specific command like a fighting game. Due to these characteristics, Kazuya will have the most types of skills among all fighters. Even if you fight roughly to some extent, it does not mean that you cannot win, so you do not necessarily have to use all the techniques properly. However, considerable discipline will be required to fully utilize everything and maximize Kazuya’s potential.・ Kazuya, who is mainly a human bullet battle but also has missiles, participates in the fighting game Tekken, but has plenty of techniques related to the “devil factor” as a smash-like element. First of all, all the special moves that you use with the B button are powerful ones that are made into devils. The normal special move that can be delivered with only the B button is the missile “Devil Blaster”. Not only does it have a long range, but it can also attack multiple enemies at once because it penetrates. You can also change the firing angle slightly by shooting while tilting the stick up and down. Personally, I felt that the existence of this devil blaster was quite large. With this technique alone, it seems that the range of bargaining with opponents who have a long reach or have missiles can be expanded. Its Special Move is a “Devil Fist” that hits through at high speed. If you hit it at a close distance, you can bring down the opponent, so you can use it not only as the starting point of the combo but also as a check against the opponent who moves quickly. In addition, the upper special move is “Devil Wing” which becomes a devil and rises. Although it is a simple technique, it has a high climbing altitude and a strong shooting power immediately after the technique occurs. In addition, the horizontal special move and the upper special move can be performed even after the move is performed in the air. In particular, this is a big advantage because it is easy to target the gap after the upper special move. Also, the lower special move is “Heaven’s Door”, which is a grab attack. It is a powerful technique to grab the opponent in front of you and hit it against the ground. The Heaven’s Door can also be used in the air, so it can be said to be one of the few “air-grabbing techniques”. Speaking of existing characters, it is close to Bowser’s sideways special move. Also, like Bowser, you can drop the opponent out of the hall with your companion. In addition, it will be deviled during a smash attack and will launch a powerful attack. Among them, the horizontal smash attack “Genie Senkouken”, which has the same power as “Falcon Punch”, will be the key to shooting down. -“Rage state” that can aim for a one-shot reversal Kazuya changes to “Rage state” only once when the damage exceeds 100% (in the case of physical strength system, the remaining physical strength is about 1/4 or less). Not only does the attack power increase 1.1 times in the Rage state, but you can also use a super powerful technique called “Rage Drive” under certain conditions. To execute Rage Drive, perform one of the following operations: “grab the opponent”, “use the lower special move (Heaven’s Door)”, and “stick right + lower + lower right + long press the button”. The third command input is complicated and difficult for beginners, but it has the advantage of being more powerful than other methods. However, it seems that the rage state is canceled when using the rage drive. Overall, Kazuya can be said to be a fighter who can easily aim for a one-shot reversal. Even if a speed-type character steadily accumulates damage, Kazuya’s blow can easily change the situation. The pleasure of overwhelming the speed with such power may be said to be the charm of this character. In addition, it is also attractive that it is equipped with easy-to-use projectiles while being a fighting-oriented character. While restraining with “Devil Blaster”, the opponent who sneaks into the bosom can be brought down with “Devil Fist” and a powerful combo can be visited. Why don’t you make full use of Kazuya and devise your own way of fighting?