[Photo]Bertie staring at a kitten with a gentle look

The Labrador Retriever, who is less than two years old, is called Bertie, and according to the British animal protection group Battersea, he started taking care of kittens a few weeks ago. The kittens were found on the roadside in the absence of a mother when they were about two weeks old. As a result of an emergency examination by a veterinarian, she was diagnosed as hungry but not in good health. Rachel, the chief nurse of Battersea and taking care of her dog Bertie, said she decided to take her kittens home and take care of them in a group lab until she found a foster parent. In an interview with the American magazine People, Rachel said, “From the early days when kittens were feeding milk in bottles 24 hours a day, to when they learned about the joy of climbing, they were very laborious. Bertie not only helped the kittens grow into confident and social cats, but also entertained me. ” “It’s very moving to see a once protected pet in the opposite position and help other animals. I’m really proud that Bertie took care of the kittens.” It was. After that, Rachel and her dog, Bertie, continued to take care of the kittens, feeding them without assistance and raising them until they could use the toilet. When the kittens began to become independent, they returned to Battersea’s shelter, and fortunately the kittens were handed over to foster parents. Rachel said, “I was able to help my little, weak babies grow up to be welcomed into a loving family. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience,” he said, seeing off the kittens. He also revealed his loneliness. “I’m relieved that Bertie and I were able to help the kittens start their best lives. I’m sure Bertie enjoys the tranquility and tranquility after his” children “are gone.” Said.