[Photo]See a larger photoAccording to E-mart 24, if you purchase an in-flight meal lunch until the end of July this year, an event will be held where you can win a non-landing ticket by lottery. Following the launch of three types of in-flight meal lunch boxes (to Prague, New York, and South Korea) in May this year, this time we will offer a non-landing ticket as a free gift. E-mart 24 will present five non-landing tourist flight tickets (two each) through a lottery. A non-landing sightseeing flight is a sightseeing product that takes an airplane from South Korea, flies over it for about 2 to 3 hours, and then gets off at Incheon Airport. The event will run until 31st of this month, and the winners will be announced on the 4th of August on the event page of the E-mart 24 mobile app. Yu Chang-sik, head of sales and marketing team at E-Mart 24, said, “A travel bubble agreement with Saipan has been signed, and interest and expectations for overseas travel have increased further.” “The number of consumers who are interested in in-flight meal lunches during the summer vacation will increase. So I prepared various events. “