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President Moon will join CSGK co-chairs of Ami Bella and Young Kim this morning, Thomas Burn, chairman of the Korea Society, and Sabine Schleidt, chief executive officer of the American Federation of Parliamentarians (FMC). I met him at the blue tile stand. President Moon said, “I can’t forget the hospitality of the U.S. Congress when I visited the United States last May.” He sent support for the Korea Alliance and the Korean Peninsula Peace Process. ” President Moon said, “Korea and the United States have opened a new chapter of cooperation toward a more comprehensive and mutually beneficial strategic alliance in the wake of the recent US-Korea summit meeting.” We deeply appreciate the role of the US Congress and ask for your continued interest in helping the US-ROK alliance develop into the most exemplary alliance and lead the Korean Peninsula to lasting peace. ” .. “I went to the United States as an immigrant to the United States as a daughter born of South Korea,” said Young Kim. “I feel like I’m back home. Thank you for welcoming me.” Rep. Young Kim in particular emphasized North Korea’s support for human rights, saying, “What I would like to specially ask is that you are interested in the two North Korean defectors who are currently detained in China. Please do that. ” He continued, “Currently North Korea is blocked, but when North Korea reopens its borders, these families will be returned to the north, and it is clear what unfortunate things will happen.” did.