[Photo]Rafflesia and other rare plant goods are also availableA large-scale exhibition that comprehensively introduces plants using specimens, models, videos, and installation exhibitions. Takito, who is known as a big plant lover, said, “I also wanted to see it while listening to my audio guide. It’s such a deep exhibition,” said Taiko, saying that everyone from beginners to enthusiasts can enjoy it. In addition, Takito said, “I’ve been publishing various things about plants in the media for the past few years, but when I got this job, I was glad I did it.” When asked about the attractiveness of plants, he said, “It’s vitality. It exerts its power from where I thought it might be useless. The plant called Cape Valve, which I’ve been growing recently, came out suddenly in winter, and I’m alive. I think it was. If you experience that, you will not be able to escape (from the charm of the plant), “he said hotly.” Replanting the seedlings is very fun. I can forget everything. I want to forget about the play. It’s not (laughs), “smiles. Takito praised it as “an exhibition that can be enjoyed by both those who want to start plants and those who have always loved and loved it.” When asked what he liked about the exhibits, he said, “I was impressed because I hadn’t seen fossil plants so much. I thought I wanted to do it myself, so I put my favorite plants on the soil 30 When I asked the teacher what would happen if I dug up a year later, he said, “It will take 10,000 years.” So I won’t do it, but if I can get it, I want it at home. Especially, I really want fossils of extinct plants. ” Also, regarding the voice actor, Akari Kito, who co-starred in the audio guide, which was her first challenge, “It was my first time to work side by side with a voice actor, but it’s amazing that I can change my voice with just my voice. I was sweating alone. I hope you enjoy interacting with her. ” The special “Friends Supporting the Plant Earth” will be held from July 10th to September 20th at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno (subject to change due to circumstances such as a state of emergency).