[Photo]Yurina Takagi applying make-up to Kayako Abe Anna

Kayako Abe has been the 7th generation weather caster of “Mezamashi TV” (Fuji TV) since April 2016. The outstanding style shown in the “What are you going to wear today?” Corner, which introduces the coordination according to the weather of the day, and the natural remarks that pop out suddenly attracted attention, and it is nicknamed “Kaya-chan”. ing. On the official YouTube channel “Kaya Channel” opened by Abe in June this year, “Morning Routine”, “100 Questions”, “Bag Contents Disclosure”, etc., which have already been viewed more than 280,000 times, have been released, and they are natural. It is gaining popularity for its full-blown Abe-like videos. In the video delivered on 9th (Friday), free announcer Yurina Takagi, who belongs to the same agency, will appear as a guest. While drinking alcohol, he shows how Takagi’s personal belongings apply make-up to Abe. To Abe, who usually prefers natural make-up, Takagi suggests that he wants to make a different make-up. While making full use of the persuasive technique that was taught by popular hair and makeup artist Hiro Odagiri, he applied gorgeous Korean-style makeup. In between the videos, you can see the natural exchanges unique to two people who are close friends, and there was also a consultation about planning “I want to have a drinking party with two people”, and Abe’s private appearance that has not been revealed so much in the future Is likely to be delivered.