[Photo]A cooling sheet that uses a Perche element.If you put it under the pillow cover, it will be cool and you can sleep well.

Pillows are cool all night with cooling circulating water! Pelche-style cool pillows It’s hard to sleep on hot nights, but I’m not good at air conditioners and electric fans because my body gets cold. I would like such people to check out the “Good Sleep Cool Pillow (SCP-450)”. It is a home appliance with a simple structure that cools water with a Perche element built into the main body and circulates the cold water to the pillow. Equipped with a timer of 0.5 to 12 hours. The cooling strength can be selected from 3 levels of 20 ° C, 23 ° C, and 26 ° C, and the water temperature can be gradually raised according to the wake-up time to control it so that you can wake up comfortably. Many people sleep with their heads chilled with an ice pillow in the summer, but it’s nice that chilling with a Pelche doesn’t get as cold as an ice pillow, and the ice doesn’t melt and get hot in the middle of the night. As of July 2021, it is sold at a direct sales price of 18,800 yen. Popular electric fan circulator, height adjustment by removing columns Compact yet powerful circulator and electric fan are standard products in Iris Ohyama’s summer home appliances. It is a very popular item that has fans not only in Japan but all over the world. The new products in 2021 are the “Compact Circulator Fan (KSF-DC151TC)” and the “Remote Control Living Fan (LFD-22T-W)”. The compact circulator fan is a popular model from 2019. The feature is that it can be used not only as an electric fan but also as a circulator that agitates the air in the room by the powerful ventilation that reaches 31m away. In the new model, the pole in the center of the product is split and removable, and the height of the main body can be lowered to “612 mm → 369 mm”. In addition to being able to send wind from a low position, the removed pole can be attached to the base part, so it can be stored compactly in the season when it is not in use. On the other hand, the remote-controlled living fan was released for users who said, “The circulator fan is too rounded in design.” The design is similar to that of a general electric fan, so you can install it in the living room without any discomfort. After all, it corresponds to the attachment and detachment of the support (pole), and the height of about 89 cm can be shortened to 54 cm. If you are short, you can use it like a circulator. However, the remote-controlled living fan does not have a space to store the removed pole. The direct sales price is 18,480 yen for the compact circulator fan and 14,080 yen for the remote-controlled living fan. The popular jacket with a built-in fan has a comfortable silhouette, and as a strong ally for people working outside, clothing with an air-conditioning function has become widespread in the last few years. Iris Ohyama has also released the “Coolwear” series of jackets with built-in fans since 2020. In 2021, four sets of newly designed CASUAL, SPORTS, OUTDOOR, and WORK were added to this coolwear series. What I liked about the new cool wear was the silhouette when driving. Many garments with built-in fans tend to look like a snowman because the waist and other parts of the garment are swollen by the wind when driven. The new model has a snap on the side to keep it in a relatively slim style that doesn’t look unnatural. The new OUTDOOR and SPORTS set costs 14,800 yen, the CASUAL set costs 12,800 yen with a hood, 11,800 yen without a hood, and the WORK series without a hood and without a battery costs 6,980 yen for long sleeves and 6,480 yen for short sleeves. .. The new “short-time microwave oven” has been introduced so far, focusing on summer cool products, but there are other products that catch your eye at the venue. One of the most interesting ones was the “Steam Microwave Oven 18L (MO-F1808-B)” for single-person to small-group households. The direct sales price is 32,780 yen. A microwave oven with a wide width that can cook up to 35.5 cm wide ingredients and a flat bottom that is easy to clean. In addition to the oven and microwave oven, it is equipped with upper and lower heaters to support grill cooking. You can also make steam dishes like pudding by pouring hot water into a square plate and cooking. Attention is a function called “time saving boost”. When heating in the microwave, pressing the “range” button twice quickly will reduce the heating time by up to about 44%. The range is often used at 500W, but if you press the “Range” button once within 5 seconds of the start of range operation, the output will increase to 700W, and if you press it twice, the output will increase to 900W. Also, as the output is increased, the operation time until completion is automatically calculated, shortened and displayed. Convenience lunch boxes, etc. often display the heating time in the microwave at 500 W (or 600 W), such as “warming time: 500 W for 2 minutes and 30 seconds”. You can do it in a short time without calculating. This is a feature that I would like people who often use the warmth of microwave ovens to pay attention to.