[See the photo]With tears, Ryo (Nagase) calls out to Shinji (Asano) and cries …!

■ “We have no choice but to look forward” In the 8th week, “Still the sea” (July 5)[月]~ 9 days[金]) Is being broadcast. In the 39th broadcast on the 8th, Ryo’s father, Shinji (Tadanobu Asano), spit out the pain of losing his wife, Minami (Maki Sakai). Shinji cries, “I don’t have Minami who can say that I’m a parent idiot together while drinking a drink …”. For Ryo, who has been trying hard to support his father, it was hard to see him. Ryo said with tears, “I’ll give you 50 swordfish and give you a cup of tea! I can’t drink alcohol because I haven’t had a birthday yet.” I want my dad to look forward, but I can’t support him myself, and that kind of frustration oozes. It was the moment when Ryo, who had endured in loneliness without showing any weaknesses until then, exposed his emotions for the first time. And in the following 40th, Ryo has a small change in his mind … There was a scene where he talked about his honest thoughts to Hyakune and his childhood friends. Ryo gently confessed to Hyakune, saying, “I can’t hate the sea, I don’t have a grudge against the sea,” although the life of the ship is tough. While weeping as the unknown (Aju Makita), Asumi (Yuri Tsunematsu), and Sansei (Koki Maeda) gathered, she said, “I’m different from my father. We live on our own terms. We have no choice but to look forward, “he said to himself. ■ Ren Nagase “A feeling like giving up was born” Nagase, who played Ryo, also appeared as a guest on “Asaichi” (NHK General TV) on the 9th. Regarding the exchange of tears with Shinji in the 39th session, “The body was moving without permission … It was like surface tension, and it overflowed. When I noticed, my body started to move. It feels like it’s moving. When I heard (Shinji) say, “I’ll never recover,” I remember feeling like giving up, “he recalled. Hot tears shed from the frustration of my father who has been trapped in the painful past. After that, the positive and warm tears I showed in front of my childhood friends. The two tears shed by Ryo were followed by emotional and cheering voices from the viewers. “Ryochin’s tears tighten my chest.” “Ryochin is really strong. A good boy who is too lonely …” “Still, it’s really good to be able to show tears in front of Ryo’s dad and his childhood friend. “The cleanliness of saying that there is no resentment in the sea is really cool.” “Ryochin, don’t do your best alone!” “Ryochin” has entered the top 10 trends.