[Photo]See a larger photoOn the morning of the 9th, the government held a plenary session of the Central Disaster (Disaster) Safety Measures Headquarters (China vs. Plenary Session) under the presidency of Prime Minister Kim Bugyom at the Government Complex Seoul, and proposed an adjustment plan for “securing social distance” for such a metropolitan area. Confirmed. Prime Minister Kim said, “We have decided to apply the four steps to secure the distance in the metropolitan area.” .. The four-step measure will take effect for two weeks from the 12th to the 25th. If it is raised to four stages, up to two people can gather after 6 pm. Private gatherings of three or more people are prohibited. Clubs, hunting izakaya (bars for picking up people), emo pubs (bars where you can drink and dance like a club, but they are classified as general restaurants rather than nightlife under the Food Sanitation Law. ) Can not be operated due to a set prohibition order. Business hours such as cafeterias and cafes will be restricted to 10 pm. Various facilities such as karaoke shops and sports gyms will continue to be restricted at 10 pm. In the case of public institutions and companies, it is recommended to work from home, and events such as briefing sessions and commemorative ceremonies are prohibited. Sports competitions will be held without spectators. Gatherings and events other than single-person demonstrations will be totally banned, and only relatives will be able to participate in weddings and funerals. This is in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus. As of midnight on the 8th, the number of newly infected people with the new coronavirus was 1275, the highest number in history. Infection was confirmed in 994 people in the metropolitan area alone, and the number of infected people in Seoul reached 545. Epidemic authorities have estimated that if the current level of epidemics continues, the number of infected people will increase to 1,400 at the end of this month, or worse, to 2,140.