[Image]”Mochimono”, which is considered to be the “problem” of “Pokemon Unite”In this article, we will consider the “advantages and disadvantages” of “Pokemon Unite” as a MOBA title, based on the detailed gameplay found this time and the impressions received from the network test. -Detailed game characteristics of “Pokemon Unite” finally revealed At the time of its appearance in June last year, only PV and test play video at the development stage were released “Pokemon Unite”. In the announcement on June 17, the ban on videos showing more detailed game characteristics was lifted. From this video, it is clear that the title has the following system.・ MOBA title where 5 people compete for score ・ The game progresses in the upper and lower two lanes where the goals of each team are lined up and the jungle between them ・ Eos that can be obtained when defeating wild Pokemon If you put energy in the opponent’s goal, points can be added and operated. Each Pokemon has its own role and specialty. ・ Pokemon are not type compatible with each other. ・ Start from level 1 and defeat wild Pokemon. You can level up ・ Eight minutes after the start of the game, there will be twice as many points as the “last spurt”, and a thunder will appear in the center of the map as a factor that determines the outcome. ・ Supports online multiplayer. Factors such as “each Pokemon that can be operated has its own role and specialty” and “there is no type compatibility between Pokemon” have not been clarified. The “risk of conflicts caused by series fans continuing to use only their favorite Pokemon,” which I was concerned about in the article at the time, seems to have been minimized. On the other hand, there is no mention of cross-play that is supposed to be supported in the future, and it is unclear whether this function will be implemented as of September 2021 (the smartphone version will start service). .. Players who plan to play across platforms with their friends need to keep an eye on future trends. It was also announced that a network test (June 22-24) will be conducted for three days from June 22nd to 24th when the ban on this video is lifted. From this test, we can see the “advantages and disadvantages” of the system of the MOBA title “Pokemon Unite”.・ “Advantages and Disadvantages” as MOBA titles revealed from the “Pokemon Unite” network test “MOBA”, which is famous for titles such as “League of Legends” and “Dota 2”, is well known as a representative genre of e-sports. Has been done. It is one of the fields that is considered to be a high hurdle for beginners and light gamers due to the nature of playing against each other. These characteristics are also common to the same representative genres of e-sports such as fighting games and shooting battle royale. As a title, as a genre, and as a competition, how to lower this high hurdle is an eternal issue in all of these. “Pokemon Unite” is thought to solve this problem to some extent. The title is also called a “spin-off work of a popular series”, and it may be widely played by people who have no knowledge of MOBA. Of course, as a result of trying it out, there will be a certain number of players who feel that it does not fit their skin and drop out. Still, it’s a big step for a genre where “playing first” was the key. In fact, in the network test, we were able to confirm the existence of participants who sang “MOBA’s first challenge”. There is no doubt that the number of such players will increase as the stage progresses from testing to official release and launch of the smartphone version. MOBA, which was a minor in Japan, may become a widely recognized genre by “Pokemon Unite”. -In addition to the “casualization of MOBA” brought about by the abolition of “item build”, “Pokemon Unite” has been devised to lower the hurdles on the system side as well. Existing MOBAs often give the character an acquired swing through item builds. Item build is a system that uses the money obtained by defeating mobs to gradually equip them. There are quite a few choices of items to choose from, and depending on the selection, the power of the character can be as different as heaven and earth. In the same genre, it is a very important system that divides the victory and defeat along with the player skill. When playing a particular title for the first time, you must first know the characteristics of each item and the theory of selection for each character. The importance of this knowledge also contributes to the high hurdles of MOBA. “Pokemon Unite” has eliminated the item build system, which can be said to be the basis of MOBA, and realized a game that is familiar to beginners and light gamers. The alternative to this system is a mechanism that allows you to select the “work” that you will learn as you level up. This specification goes well with “Pokemon Unite,” which has the background of “a spin-off work of a popular series.” Still, the “just right narrowness” of choosing from two each time also brings outstanding casualness to the title. Players can focus on factors such as innate Pokemon potential differences and technical improvements, eliminating the need to face “seemingly uncertain and prior-knowledge factors” such as item builds. Therefore, even beginners and light gamers can easily enjoy the world of MOBA. Perhaps “Pokemon Unite” will be a familiar title for many “MOBA First Challenge” players. From the test play, we can see the detailed game design that does not end with just a MOBA title.・ On the other hand, there were some concerns about the “mochimono system” and the “closeness” of the billing factor, but there were also points that seemed to be disadvantages compared to other MOBA titles. It’s about the “mochimono system,” which is a unique specification of “Pokemon Unite.” The same specification has up to three Pokemon, such as “Chikara Hachimaki” (which increases normal attack damage) and “Kaigara no Suzu” (which restores HP when hit), which gives you an advantage in battle. A system that you can equip and bring in. Each item can be enhanced to level 30, and the higher it is, the greater the benefits you will receive. The effect obtained from each one is not enough to clearly influence the outcome of the game, but there is a big difference in ability between the players whose all three are at the maximum level / the lowest level. In other words, in “Pokemon Unite”, there is a possibility that you will be forced to fight with a difference in ability with the enemy from the beginning of the battle. Even more problematic is that the “mochimono system” is also connected to the billing factor. The “Mochimono Kyoka Kit” required to level up “Mochimono” can only be obtained by raising the trainer level and battle rewards, but at the shop, you can get “Eos Ticket” which is one of the in-game currencies. You can use it to purchase the “Mochimono Currency Kit”. This “Eos Ticket” is also an item that cannot be obtained by billing, but you can also acquire fashion items and holoware (skins), which are the main uses other than the above, with the gem of the billing currency. Therefore, the more paying players are, the more “Eos tickets” can be turned by purchasing the “Mochimono Kyoka Kit”. “There is an upper limit to the level of” Mochimono “, and anyone can reach the maximum level if they continue to play.” However, the point that billing leads to a difference in ability at the start of the battle is the “disadvantage” of “Pokemon Unite”. Could be. In the future, if a large number of “mochimono” that become OP (slang that means “excessive performance”) appear in the future, the aspect of “charged win” will be. It will get stronger. I don’t know of titles with similar specifications in MOBA. Wasn’t it possible to incorporate a billing element into a place that is far from the core gameplay, following the pioneering titles of the same genre, such as “Apex Legends” and “Fortnite”? Only the title that can be a “game changer” made me feel sorry for this point.