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Interview / text / Oshamu Takashima “Samurai Warriors” has grown into a popular series with a cumulative total of 7.7 million in 17 years since the first work was released in 2004. The numbering title for the first time in seven years is “Samurai Warriors 5” released this time. This work is the first in the series to employ the double protagonists Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide. From the Warring States period after the Onin War to the Honnoji Incident, where Nobunaga finished, is dramatically depicted from the perspective of each hero. In addition to the two main characters, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Hideyoshi Hashiba, and many other Sengoku warlords will appear in the game. Of course, the exhilarating action unique to the Warriors series is still alive. In addition to that, new elements have been added, such as the addition of a new action “flash technique”. The feature is that you can enjoy gorgeous action with a novel visual expression that is conscious of Japanese sumi-e style. Hisashi Koinuma, President of Koei Tecmo Games and producer of “Samurai Warriors 5”, said at the beginning of the event, “The development team has been struggling to make new adjustments so that game fans around the world can enjoy it. It will be a self-confident work packed with a lot of things, “he said. ■ Challenge new initiatives EXILE and “Samurai Warriors 5” will create a synergistic effect !? In this “Samurai Warriors 5”, EXILE’s “One Nation” is appointed as the theme song as a song tie-up. There, AKIRA, SHOKICHI, Alan Shirahama, and actress / talent Yuno Ohara will be on stage as guests from EXILE members. First of all, a trailer with EXILE songs was played in the venue. AKIRA, who saw the video of EXILE’s “One Nation” combined with the game video at the venue, said, “Do you say that your heart trembles when you see our music on the video of Samurai Warriors? When he said, “Do you say it gets hot, you want to dance right now?”, SHOKICHI also said, “I think the video is cooler than our performance (laughs).” Was stated. On the other hand, Alan Shirahama, who is also a gamer himself, said, “The day will come when I will play the theme song of Samurai Warriors with EXILE, so I want to teach myself in the old days. I’m choreographing with the image that I’m doing, so I think that the performance was made because the songs “Samurai Warriors 5” and “One Nation” were combined. ” According to Koinuma producer, the reason for deciding this tie-up was to hear that EXILE is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is making new efforts. “Samurai Warriors 5” is also challenging new initiatives in the form of a new series, and he thought that a synergistic effect would be created. SHOKICHI wrote the lyrics for the tie-up song “One Nation”. He tried it with the hope of adding flowers to his historic work, but he said that he was able to create a song that fits the story by providing the story in advance. SHOKICHI said, “The turbulent feeling of the turbulent world and the lyricism and emotions hidden in it. It’s not static and dynamic, but I wrote the lyrics, hoping that the contrast could be drawn well. It came out in the story and it became a very keyword in me. How can I draw a magnolia beautifully, how can I express the flower in the lyrics? How can you feel beautifully? When I thought about it, I wanted to express the moment when the magnolias were scattered, fluttering like a butterfly, and I was able to express it. ” Was done. Mr. Ohara, who appeared in the cosplay of Nobunaga Oda’s daughter-in-law, Nohime, who is one of the main characters, said, “This costume is also made in detail according to the design. AKIRA, who was listening to it next to me, immediately said, “If I knew that Mr. Ohara would be cosplayed like this, we would also cosplay.” I wish I had come to Mitsuhide Akechi (laughs). ” In addition, the producer Koinuma who heard it seemed to be impressed by the unexpected remark from Mr. AKIRA, “I will make a note so that I will not forget it.” By the way, if you want to cosplay, SHOKICHI wants to challenge Shingen Takeda, and Alan Shirahama wants to challenge Ieyasu Tokugawa, who was used in “Samurai Warriors 5” that he was playing until just before. ■ Guest Talk Session: Who is Nobunaga Oda if you choose as an EXILE member? At the end of the event was a talk session by the guests. Here, the answer to the question was announced in advance on the panel. -In this work, the relationship that Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide are both friends and rivals is drawn. So who do you think are your friends and rivals? Yuno Ohara: “The role I played in the past.” I chose it because I would like to play and go beyond the past. I would like to thank the roles I have received so far and hope to grow. Alan Shirahama: I’m Mandy Sekiguchi. Since he is the same member of both EXILE and GENERATIONS, he is the best friend and rival of all the time he spends the same time with him. When I thought about it, the first thing that came out was the potato head (laughs). I think they are good friends who work hard with each other before the concert. SHOKICHI: I’m “Alan”. In EXILE TRIBE, I and Alan are the only ones who compose. Are you a producer who makes songs? Alan is also improving his skills, so I think I can’t lose. Alan Shirahama: No, it’s still far from my feet. SHOKICHI, who has been doing what I wanted to do for a long time, embodies everything, so I think SHOKICHI will always be where I am walking. I would like to do my best while chasing that back and sometimes biting the shin. I should have written SHOKICHI-san (laughs). AKIRA: I’m more of a comrade and “SHOKICHI” than a rival. As EXILE celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and takes on new challenges, it has expanded the range of entertainment and various songs. SHOKICHI is an indispensable member of the group. He is a comrade because he is pulling the members as the center. Also, I’m myself in the past (laughs). –Nobunaga Oda, one of the main characters of Samurai Warriors, is the most famous historical figure in Japan. So who is the most EXILE member like Oda Nobunaga? AKIRA: It’s HIRO. Nobunaga Oda has various legends, personalities, and ways of doing things, but when it comes to the charisma of a straight ball and the love of men, only HIRO can apply to the word Oda Nobunaga. I didn’t have it. SHOKICHI: This is AKIRA. leadership. AKIRA was charismatic about HIRO, but I think AKIRA is also charismatic, so please take a look at this style. No matter how you think about it, it’s a style that unifies the world. I think it has attractiveness and human power. Alan Shirahama: It’s HIRO. I have a similar opinion to AKIRA, and if EXILE members and LDH members were in the Warring States period, it would be like Oda Nobunaga, so HIRO. I think it’s common to be loved by people and climb up. ――Finally, do you have a message for your fans! Yuno Ohara: Thank you for attending this opportunity. I would like to enjoy “Samurai Warriors 5”, which is more powerful than the previous work, as a player. Alan Shirahama: Like myself, the theme songs and songs of the games I was playing are memorable. I think that just listening to this song will bring back memories of the game I was playing at that time, and the song will come back every time I play the game. In this way, from the aspect of music, I am happy to be involved in this “Samurai Warriors 5”. I hope that many people will enjoy “Samurai Warriors 5” and listen to our song “One Nation”. SHOKICHI: “Samurai Warriors 5”, a tremendously delicate touch of painting, a magnificent view of the world, and a story. I’ve seen it several times and I think it’s a wonderful work. I think it will attract fans all over the world. It’s a great honor for us to be able to help our music with music, and I’m really happy as a musician. AKIRA: A warriors series that fascinates people all over the world. We are really happy to be involved with it, even with a little effort. We, EXILE, sincerely hope that this work will remain in the future. I hope everyone enjoys “Samurai Warriors 5”. –Thank you for today!