[Video]Koji Yakusho & Aoi Miyazaki, interview at that time!“The Boy and the Beast” directed, written and written by Mamoru Hosoda, such as “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and “Summer Wars,” is set in a parallel world where the human world and the monster world exist. The human world “Shibuya” and the monster world “Shibuten-gai” were worlds that never intersected, but one day a boy in Shibuya met Kumatetsu, a monster in Shibuya-gai. The boy became a disciple of Kumatetsu in Shibu Ten-gai to become stronger, and Kumatetsu named the boy Kyuta. As Kyuta grows up and returns to Shibuya, absorbs new values ​​from high school student Kaede and seeks a world to live in, an incident involving both worlds occurs.