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This summer, “Coca-Cola” is sending out “a new way to enjoy summer cork” under the concept of “#cork summer challenge”. In the “Summer!” Coke mix “Challenge”, NiziU members are divided into MAYA, RIO, NINA MARINI team, MAKO, RIMA, MIIHI MARIMI team, AYAKA, RIKU, MAYUKA ARIMA team, and the theme is “summer refreshment”. I tried to make an original “Coke mix” that freely combines fruits and ice cream with “Coca-Cola”. The three completed “Coke mixes” are judged by Takayuki Morishima, the manager of the mocktail specialty store “VALUME” in Shibuya, Tokyo, based on taste, appearance, originality, and NiziU-ness. The winning team “Coke mix” will be sold at “VALUME” for 20 cups a day only in the summer, so the members were enthusiastic and faced the confrontation. Before taking on the challenge of planning, RIO of the MARINI team said, “Our team is strong because we have MAYA who is good at cooking!”, And MAYUKA of the ARIMA team, who has RIKU who actually likes cooking, also said, “Our team. The team also has RIKU, so I won’t lose! ” MIIHI of the MARIMI team, who says that everyone is a glutton, said, “Everyone loves to eat, so I think we can make a delicious’Coke mix’!” Let’s check the video to see which team won the championship, paying attention to the visuals of “Coke mix” that fully demonstrated the individuality of each team and the naming that the members thought. The recipe of the winning team is also introduced in the latter half of the video. ■ NiziU comment □ Impressions of shooting “Coke mix” MAKO I think we were able to demonstrate the teamwork that we always cherish. When I was thinking about ideas like this, I felt that it would be nice to have a team. MAYA It’s easy to arrange, so I’d like to make something other than the menu I made today at home. It was a lot of fun because it was my first time to arrange “Coca-Cola” using various materials while consulting with everyone on the AYAKA team. □ Highlights of the video RIMA This time, I think that the individuality of each team appears in the menu, so I think that the whole video is really the highlight. RIKU It is a drive from the last 1 minute! We all really hate to lose, so we worked hard over the last minute. NINA What I think is the highlight is the naming of “Coke mix”. After all, everyone came up with a lot of wonderful names in an atmosphere that suits the summer, so I hope everyone will pay attention to them! □ When do you want to drink “Coke mix” MAYUKA I think it’s best to have it when you want to feel the summer. Let’s feel summer together. MIIHI I would be happy if you could drink it when you want to feel refreshed. I think I can refresh my mood. RIO I think it’s perfect when you want to make summer memories with your friends and family. Our recipes are published on the Web, so I would be grateful if you could try “Coke mix” and post it on SNS.