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“‘Dekikkonai wo Yaru Natsu.’ Inter-High Support Project” is a project to support students who are doing their best in club activities toward the Inter-High “Kei-kun no Sweat and Tears Hokushin’etsu Overall 2021” to be held for the first time in two years. As the main content of the project, the collaboration movie “Sambomaster x JETS Inter-High Support MOVIE” It’s Summer to Do It! . ”” Has been released on YouTube. In this video, JETS, who has danced with this song for about 10 years, is sending a yell to high school students of the same generation on the “I have to do something that is not good” played by Sambomaster. ■ Sambomaster comment □ Takashi Yamaguchi (Vo, G) In this situation, we are working every day thinking about what we can do as a rock band, but this time we had such a wonderful performance opportunity. I really appreciate it. If this song played by JETS and us can push the backs of high school students who are working hard every day, it will be a musician’s favor. Rock ‘n’ roll! □ Yoichi Kondo (B, Cho) “I have to do something I can’t do” is a song we made over 10 years ago. It is a miracle for us that we received an offer to play the song for active high school students who are working hard on inta high school and club activities in 2021. I pray that JETS and our maximum amount of LOVE will arrive. □ Yasufumi Kiuchi (Dr, Cho) I think that our “I have to do what I can’t do” has reached so many people because I was able to continue dancing to all the JETS members of the past. Co-starring with JETS after a long absence! It was fun, and above all, we were energized by their power !! Our enthusiasm will reach high school students who are working hard in inter-school athletic meet and club activities !!! ■ JETS comment □ Captain Aifuka Yamada Comment I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep yesterday, and I felt like “I want to dance fast!” Even though I’ve danced many times, today was the best and most enjoyable “I can’t do it”. It was a stage with no customers, but with the feeling of cheering for the athletes who are going to the Inter-High, the most powerful “I can’t do it” so that people will think “Let’s do our best” when we see our performance. I think I was able to do it. I lost Inter-High last year with the feeling that “a pinch is a chance”, but I am really grateful to be able to participate in this year’s event to liven up Inter-High. □ Deputy Captain Taguchi Aina Comment I was excited to meet Sambomaster even before I went to bed, and from the time I came to the venue, everyone on the bus said “I’m looking forward to it!” During the performance, I danced with the feeling of “do your best” to everyone who is doing club activities all over the country and the feeling of dancing with the momentum that is comparable to Sambomaster. I had a really dreamy time. A lot of people supported us and it made us feel that we really have to thank them for being dancing. I would like to make use of this experience and do my best to become a champion in the future. □ Advisor Yuko Igarashi Comment Impressions of this initiative Since this song has been danced for 10 years, I sent out the students to make it the most heartfelt and moving performance. I hope everyone will be well after watching this video. Today was a great day. Thank you very much! The reason why JETS keeps dancing “I have to do something I can’t do” Everyone covers their potential. But that’s not the case, there are many things anyone can do! Because there is a message. I really get power from this song every time.