[See another image about this article]This product is a toy confectionery with a Pokemon figure in a monster ball-shaped capsule. In this work, three legendary Pokemon “Fire (Galar’s figure)”, “Thunder (Galal’s figure)”, “Freezer (Galar’s figure)” will appear, and in the Galar region A total of 10 types are available, including the newly introduced “Koorippo (Ice Face)”, “Dramesiya”, and the phantom Pokemon “Darkrai”. The size of the figure is about 30mm. There are 5 types of monster ball type capsules in total, and one of the 10 types of figures is included. * The design is subject to change during supervision. * Some figures may not stand depending on the shape. * Package photos / illustrations and products may differ slightly. © Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku © Pokémon