[Image]Molcar goods with a yellow bag of Tower RecordsThe project was inspired by PUI PUI MUSIC, which appeared as a background in the film, and the catchphrase “PUI PUI MUSIC if you want to hear the cry” written on the signboard. At the target stores, A2 size PUI PUI MUSIC posters are posted, and the sounds of the molkers are set on the listening device. You can switch between 5 character voices with the touch of a button. PUI PUI A collaboration project to commemorate the release of Molcar’s Blu-ray Disc / DVD. If you purchase it at the target store, the receipt will be a special version designed with “Shiromo who is moved by the music and sheds tears”. The price starts from 2750 yen (tax included) for the regular DVD version. Collaboration goods such as Molcar’s T-shirts and tote bags with the yellow bag of Tower Records will also be on sale. It is said that 20 stores such as Shibuya and Shinjuku will hold panel exhibitions of Molcar. PUI PUI Molcar is a puppet animation that has been broadcast on TV Tokyo’s program for young children “Kinder TV” since January 2021 and has become a hot topic mainly on SNS. The Molcar has been rebroadcast on Kinder TV since July 6th.