[See the photo]Yuriko Yoshitaka staring at the screen of the smartphone with a serious expression

■ Yoshitaka is watching sports with a feeling of running! In the same CM, Yoshitaka, who plays the role of an office lady who is enthusiastic about watching sports on the TV in the room where the summer sun shines, reproduces a “something” scene where luggage arrives at an important scene and leaves the TV. Yoshitaka is impatient for a moment when the intercom rings, but he immediately presses the button on the remote control and receives the luggage with a smile of leeway saying “Missing OK!”. The convenience of the overlooked viewing function of J: COM TV is expressed through the story that Yoshitaka is overjoyed when he sees the scene he missed after returning. The scene changed further, and Yoshitaka watched the golf broadcast on his smartphone this time. When the ball cups in splendidly, it jumps on the veranda and decides a cute guts pose, and it is a finish that you can see Yoshitaka with such a run-run feeling. ■ Yuriko Yoshitaka Full comment ――Please tell us your impressions of this commercial shoot. I think there will be more opportunities to watch sports at home, so I hope that more people will be interested in J: COM TV. I was thrilled and thrilled while watching sports, and when my luggage arrived at an important scene, I shot a commercial for everyone’s “something” situation. ――Do you watch sports at home? Do you want to try it from now on? I will see it. It’s a lot of fun, and even if I can’t watch it in real time, I often watch sports news from around the world on night news programs. ――What sports do you want to watch from now on? Soccer, tennis, golf and rugby were all exciting. Basketball too. It’s really fun to chase the speed of a ball in ball games, and I’m impressed every time I see the reflexes of athletes. ――What is Yoshitaka’s watching style when watching sports at home? After changing into a comfortable dress and getting ready to go to bed, I want to see it with a highball in one hand. But when you watch sports, you can’t mess around. I thought it would be rude to sportsmanship if I lay down. I also want to see the screen with my body upright. ――In the commercial, there are scenes where your luggage arrives and you almost miss it. Have you missed anything recently? When I was looking back at the drama I was watching in the past, if I watched it for a long time until quite late, I fell asleep toward the end of the drama. When I woke up, the screen was “Do you want to see it yet?” And I sometimes overlooked it. ――What is the appeal of watching sports to Mr. Yoshitaka? I’m really excited to think that sports have the moving power to attract everyone, or to put together the direction of everyone’s feelings. It’s a power that I don’t have, so I think it’s nice or wonderful. –Have you taken it for granted these days because Mr. Yoshitaka started anew? It’s become commonplace for people to take no steps (from home). I don’t feel like I have to do something. I spend a lot of time at home eating and drinking, watching TV and playing games. There is a feeling that you want to return to your normal life as soon as possible and find a new commonplace. –What was Yoshitaka excited about recently? I’m cooking something I haven’t cooked recently. I like very spicy foods, and recently I found a very convenient “taco kit”, so I made tacos at home and pushed (challenge) to the limit of how much I could try spicy foods. I’m excited.