[Photo]See a larger photoUntil now, Prime Minister Suga’s aides could not tell him the need to declare a state of emergency, the Japanese weekly magazine “Hyundai Business” reported. Only Shigeru Omi, chairman of the New Corona Countermeasures Subcommittee, who is an outsider, recently abandoned the role of an intellectual and said, “Stop the Olympics.” It is said that there was already a prevailing mood inside the Liberal Democratic Party that Prime Minister Suga should not do anything that bothers him. ◇ Prime Minister Suga had a plan Prime Minister Suga had a plan. The plan is to apply a lower priority measure to Tokyo, where a state of emergency was declared until last month. Even if the audience was restricted, the intention was to mobilize the audience to open the Olympics and create a festive mood. The vaccination rate should increase from the end of July to the beginning of August, when the competition is active, so we decided that the Olympics could be held successfully at the level of controlling infection. Based on this, he also calculated that he would win the general election scheduled for the second half of this year. Is it because I was blinded by the goal? Prime Minister Suga listened to voices concerned about the infection status of the new corona. A government official said in “Modern Business” that “no one directly advises Prime Minister Kan,” he said. “The prime minister only talks to his aide, and he gets angry when he hears an opinion against his will. I can’t express my opinion honestly. ” The appeal of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, who is the director of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, did not reach Prime Minister Kan. It is said that Prime Minister Suga, who was angry at the report of the spread of the new corona infection, threw the report on his desk. A person who watched over this situation hinted that “Norihisa Tamura, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, was in a state of mental and physical distress.” This is not the only exposure of Prime Minister Suga to “out of service” leadership. “Although Prime Minister Suga has heard stories from some outside experts, he can’t believe his” family “at all. I think his subordinates are incompetent or traitors,” said a staff member at the Prime Minister’s Office. “I can’t say anything around the prime minister’s attitude. Everything is in a vicious circle,” he said. ◇ The Olympics were in the red even if they were held, and in the red even if they were not held. During that time, the infection situation in Tokyo worsened than expected. Already from last week, Tokyo has entered the highest “4 levels” in Japan’s infection status classification. A state of emergency was inevitable. It is calculated that the total amount of the unattended Olympics will reach 90 billion yen with the ticket price alone. At the end of last year, the organizer expected the ticket revenue for the Olympics to be 90 billion yen, but if even one domestic audience cannot be mobilized due to the risk of infection with the new corona, the ticket revenue that plays a key role in the Olympic revenue will disappear. become. However, this is only part of the expected loss. Many Japanese people have already said that it is not important to mobilize spectators or not spectators, and that it should be canceled. There is concern that holding the Tokyo Olympics itself will create a deficit. Initially, the cost of the Games has increased from $ 14.5 billion to $ 25 billion by postponing the Olympics, which was scheduled to be held last year, for a year. It’s a problem whether the Olympics are held or not, but there is advice that canceling the Olympics can reduce losses. Professor Jules Boykoff of the Department of Political Science at Pacific University in the United States said, “The Olympics will bring a deficit to Japan.” If it expands, the cost of countermeasures will increase, so loss is inevitable. ” Nomura Research Institute also stated in a report in May this year that “if the Olympics are interrupted, the amount of loss will reach 1.8 trillion yen”, but “the loss due to the first announcement of the state of emergency is 6 trillion. 300 billion yen, the loss at the time of the second announcement is 6.3 trillion yen. ” It is calculated that it will be cheaper to cancel the Olympics than to hold the Olympics until the state of emergency is forcibly announced. ◇ The Liberal Democratic Party lost in the election, is the cause due to contradiction? The Suga administration, which has listened to such concerns and has been obsessed with “holding spectators,” recently received an unsightly report card. This is because the Liberal Democratic Party, together with the coalition government Komeito, could not secure a majority in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, which was held on the 4th of this month as a prelude to the Japanese general election. The causes of the defeat include the efforts for the new corona, which is immature inside, and the Tokyo Olympics, which opposes the people’s hearts. An insider of the Liberal Democratic Party said that the reason why the Liberal Democratic Party struggled was that “the world is already overwhelmed by the fourth state of emergency” and “more than anything else, there is a contradiction that the state of emergency will be announced and the Tokyo Olympics will be held as scheduled. It hurt the (national) self-restraint mood. ” “Unintelligible” leadership is not expected to exceed a year. Within the Liberal Democratic Party, there is a theory of replacement of Prime Minister Suga. It is said that Toshihiro Nikai, the secretary-general of “Kingmaker”, who was the greatest vassal to make Prime Minister Suga, who is an influential person of the Liberal Democratic Party, as the prime minister, is already searching for “post-suga”. “It’s important that the prime minister is so popular that he can win the election, but Suga, whose approval rating has plummeted, is likely to withdraw easily,” said a second-class official.