[Video][Shota Watanabe is the first independent cover! ]FINEBOYS August issue cover release & highlights introduction! (1 other case)

This is the first time Watanabe has appeared solo on the cover of “FINE BOYS”. In the special feature “Mr. Watanabe in the neighborhood”, a cut of his natural body expressing “a feeling of neighborhood” is posted. Before shooting this issue, Watanabe stated his enthusiasm, “I will beat Meguro!” While being aware of the regular model Ren Meguro (Snow Man). In the August issue, BUDDiiS Hidetoshi Mori, Enjin Nakatani Hinata, ≠ ME Saya Tanizaki and Nanaka Tomita, lol, regular model Meguro, Johnny’s WEST Nozomu Kotaki, and young boy Ryuga Sato will also appear. ing.