[Video]Hakubi –Sadly every day[MV](3 others)

“Sadly every day” is a song from Hakubi’s major debut album “era” released on September 8th. The song is based on the theme of “Singalong”, and the members’ thought “I believe that the day will come when I can sing live with the audience in the near future, and I will continue to sing in my heart”. There is. The music video shows Hakubi’s live tour, directed by Kohei Tatsutomi. ■ Katagiri (Vo, G) Comment I realized that the place where the changed days have disappeared and the time has passed will never come back. Now that I realize that I can’t help it, I feel sad instead of giving up. Instead of blocking it, it is a driving force to move forward while having different pains. Don’t stop, don’t stop every day. I want to sing to keep walking together. I hope we can sing together at the live house someday.