[See other images related to this article]DLSite and BOOTH are already selling the PC version from February 2021. “Monmusume Grandieta” is a work that aims to raise a favorite monster girl and conquer the arena. The Steam store page shows the existence of a deck building element that collects cards that can be used for training, and a roguelike element that resets the progress while taking over some elements when the game is over. “Slay the Spire”, which has similar elements, has a strong impression of a core game, but according to the announcement, this work is produced as a light work so that it will be “a chance to get hooked on roguelike games”. There are three lineups of influenced works: “Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball” series “Grand Crown Nine” mode, “Monster Farm”, and “Dungeon Maker”. It seems that each element of training, monsters, and deck construction was drawn from these works. The release texts for the Steam version, iOS, and Android versions of “Monmusume Grandieta” are as follows. DLsite and BOOTH are also distributing free trial versions, so if you are interested, please try playing with the trial version first. Monmusume Nurturing Roguelike RPG “Monmusume Gradieta” Steam / Smartphone Version Pre-order Start Notice Zephyr Studio announced on July 8, 2021 that the Monmusume Nurturing Roguelike RPG “Monmusume Gradie” We are pleased to inform you that we have started pre-ordering “Eta” on Steam / Google Play / App Store. This game is a game that raises and fights cute monster girls in a harsh world, and was influenced by “Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball” series “Grand Crown Nine”, “Monster Farm”, and “Dungeon Maker”. Since it is similar to “Slay the Spire”, it is often regarded as a core game, but since it is a game for lights, I hope you will get hooked on roguelikes.Game title: Monmusume Grandieta Genre: Monmusume Nurturing Roguelike RPG Publisher: ZephyrStudio Platform: Steam GooglePlay iOS Scheduled release date: July 15, 2021 Scheduled price: Steam 520 yen (tax included), GooglePlay 500 yen (tax included) (Tax included), AppStore 610 yen (tax included) Trailer URL: Official HP: Official SNS: Writer / Yoshimune