[Photo]Raoul who took the stage at the event on the eve of the releaseRaoul overlooked the fans packed into the venue and said, “I’m glad to see this kind of scenery! I’m really feeling that it’s going to be open to the public. I’m thrilled, but thank you for your time today.” .. At the event, a crosstalk was held about “what I think changed when I met this” after the catch phrase of the movie “Meet you and change the world”. Raoul said, “It’s a new bath towel. Originally, I used a towel that would make my skin rough just by rubbing it. But if I used a nice fluffy towel, my skin became beautiful!” He revealed that he softened the audience with his unique expression, “Towels that break eggs, which are often compared with commercials until now.” “It’s been about a year since I made my debut, and I thought I could finally buy it,” said Raoul, who seems to be 18 years old, and the co-star smiled. Then Yoshikawa said, “I’m my dog. It was my first time to go to vaccinations and raise myself properly from the very beginning.” Then, the MC asked, “What kind of towel (for your dog) is …?” And “I have a towel for my dog, and I’m using a fluffy one,” and the towel talk resumed. Hamada, who had been addicted to the point of laughter all the time, declared, “I have a stomachache, but I laughed too much (laughs)”, and Hotta, who was talked about next, also said, “It’s better to talk about towels. Raoul immediately responded, “What kind of towel do you use? (Laughs)”, creating a friendly atmosphere. Meanwhile, Bando confessed, “I met Lau-chan and there was something very different.” While receiving Okamoto’s tsukkomi saying “(the venue) is crazy? (Laughs)”, Bando said, “I met when I first read the book, and I was very shy and had a quiet voice.” By the time it was over, it had grown very proudly. ” Raoul said in a compliment to Bando, “I think I remember my original intentions with a truly pure and pure heart. I want you to remember this feeling, and I felt that way again.” Thank you! I’m really happy. “