[Other images]Nobitai imaginary drawingThe name was given by Associate Professor Xing Lida of China University of Geosciences, who has been a fan of Doraemon since childhood. In “Movie Doraemon Nobita’s New Dinosaur,” there was a scene in which Nobita gave his name to a new kind of dinosaur, and he said, “I wanted to make Nobita’s dream come true.” Novitai is a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the early Cretaceous 125 million years ago. Since the length of the sole was about 30 cm, it is thought that the total length is about 4 m. In July 2020, four fossil footprints were found on plate-shaped rocks after a torrential rain that struck Sichuan Province, and as a result of investigation by Associate Professor Shin and others, it was found to be a new species of the genus Eubrontes. Since the scientific name is basically spelled in Latin grammar, it was named Nobitai by adding the suffix “i” (i) to indicate the person’s name. The National Museum of Nature and Science, which has had research exchanges with Associate Professor Shin for some time, will donate a replica of Eubrontes Novitai. From November 30th, a mini exhibition will be held to introduce replicas and research results. The replica will be released at the “Fujiko F Fujio Museum” in the future. Admission to the special exhibition is 630 yen (tax included) for adults, and free for high school students and younger and 65 years and older. From the 8th, we started accepting reservations on the admission reservation page of the National Science Museum.