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The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters announced on the 8th that it plans to hold a meeting tomorrow morning (9th) to discuss the “securing social distance” stage adjustment plan for the metropolitan area and announce whether it will be reorganized. .. Quarantine officials have introduced a new “securing social distance” in the Tokyo metropolitan area, expecting that up to 2,140 new infections may occur at the end of this month if the new coronavirus infection situation worsens. It is expected that the stages are likely to be applied. On the one hand, it is possible to have a private gathering of up to two people after 6 pm in order to minimize contact with the gathering in the metropolitan area without reorganizing to the 4th stage of “securing social distance”. It is also expected that four levels of special epidemic prevention measures can be added. As of midnight on the 8th, the number of newly infected people in South Korea reached a record high of 1275. In the metropolitan area alone, 994 people have been infected, and the number of newly infected people in Seoul is 545. The average number of people infected in Seoul is 387.4 per week, which is close to the new four-level standard of “securing social distance” of 389. If the four-level standard continues for three days, it means that the standard for upgrading to four levels has been met. At 6 pm on the 8th, the number of infected people in Seoul has already exceeded 500, and the four-level standard has already been met. However, the weekly average number of infected people in the metropolitan area, which recorded 900 people infected for two consecutive days, is 600 people, which does not reach the four-level standard of 1000 people. Even in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the situation changes by region, and it is expected that the procedure for adjusting “securing social distance” will differ in some regions. Infected people are increasing in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, but incheon is relatively stable. Looking at the transition of infected people in Incheon, it was found that even if the new “securing social distance” is applied, it remains at two levels. As a result, the epidemic prevention authorities will repeatedly discuss with related local governments such as Seoul City, Gyeonggi Province, and Incheon City whether to apply the four-step “securing social distance” to the entire metropolitan area or to apply it preferentially only to Seoul. I came. However, it has been pointed out that if the four stages are applied preemptively only to Seoul, the possibility of avoiding Seoul and creating a “balloon effect” that will increase the number of visitors to nearby Gyeonggi Province and Incheon cannot be ruled out. When the four stages are applied, the biggest change is the private gathering after 6 pm. Until 6 pm, it is possible to gather up to 4 people as it is now, but after that, up to 2 people can gather. In effect, it means limiting the gathering. In the case of public institutions and companies, working from home is recommended, and events are prohibited. Sports competitions will be held without spectators. The rally can only be demonstrated by one person. Business hours of restaurants and cafes will remain restricted until 10 pm. Similarly, various facilities such as karaoke and gyms will continue to be restricted at 10 pm. Clubs and hunting stalls (bars that invite the opposite sex) cannot be operated due to a ban on gathering. Only relatives can participate in funerals and weddings.