[Image]See mushrooms after 6 hours and 19 hoursThis photo was posted by Miso Yama. The mushrooms that have just come out of the soil are photographed 6 hours and 19 hours later. The mushroom at the time of discovery, which was first taken, has a closed umbrella and is shaped like a maraca. Two mushrooms are growing, and it can be seen that the small mushroom at the back of the screen has just come out of the soil. In the photos that follow, the umbrella is more than half open after 6 hours, and in the photo after 19 hours it is fully open. In less than a day, the shape was completely mushroomed. it’s amazing. According to the reply column, this mushroom is an edible “Amanita caesareus”. It looks similar to the poisonous fly agaric, so it seems to be known as a mushroom that needs attention.