[Video]Mai Shiraishi & Sayuri Matsumura, an innocent Hawaiian tripMai Shinuchi (29), who works as a personality with Matsumura, is close in age and is said to be close enough to travel abroad together. Looking back on Nogizaka46, who has been active for 10 years, Matsumura said, “When I became friends with Mai, I didn’t really get involved with other members. After I became friends, my life at Nogizaka changed a lot. I think it is. ” At the end of the show, Matsumura said, “Thanks to Mai Chun, it was a lot of fun. This may be the last job I can do together …”, Shinnai cried and said, “I can’t speak, I can’t speak.” I’m glad I was with Matsu and I’m glad I talked to him. Thank you very much. ” (From ABEMA / “ABEMA NEWS”)