Rugby World Cup: All Blacks, Hiding Tattoos for Japanese Culture

The Associated Press reported that the sevens rugby men’s team and other representatives who won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics will arrive in Japan on July 8. They say that they mainly use freighters to carry frozen seafood. Arranging the movement of Fijian athletes was “a challenge,” said Lorraine Mar, chairman of the Fiji Sports Association and National Olympic Committee. Athletes and officials have revealed that they will board the flight on the 8th. Both teams stayed in Australia until recently. The men’s team won the Oceania Sevens in Queensland in late June and were supposed to move directly from the field to Tokyo. However, due to the new corona-related regulations introduced in Asia, the schedule had to be changed. The following is a quote from the Associated Press report. It is difficult to “leave the village within 48 hours” after the match The Fiji national team includes a sevens rugby men’s and women’s team, one track and field athlete, two swimmers, and one table tennis female player. It includes one judo player who is currently based in Japan. Marl said arranging for the players to return from Japan is also a challenge. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is asking athletes to leave the Olympic Village within 48 hours of the end of their last match. Fiji is currently holding a flight from Tokyo to Nadi on July 29, after the sevens men’s tournament is over. Other athletes who have been eliminated or have completed the competition schedule by this date may also board the same flight. The next flight I’m booking is on August 10th. Marl hopes that the IOC will allow a special case for athletes who cannot secure a return flight immediately after the match so that they can remain in the Olympic Village until they have access to return. In other Pacific island nations, Samoa has already decided not to participate in three weightlifters. The Samoa government is concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Japan. Eight other players who are based overseas will participate. There are two boxing players in Australia, four sailing and canoeing players in New Zealand, one track athlete in the United States and one judo player in Japan.