SonicWall has announced three new high-performance firewall models for enterprises and large organizations: the NSa 4700, the NSa 6700, and the NSsp 13700. The NSa 4700 and NSa 6700 deliver 18 Gbps and 36 Gbps firewall throughput, three times the equivalent of traditional comparable SonicWall appliances. It supports TLS 1.3, an important encryption standard. The NSa model with best-in-class port density and capable of both 40G and 25G connectivity, the NSa 6700 provides multi-gigabit threat protection in large environments. Taking advantage of high port density, hardware redundancy and high availability, decentralized enterprises can support secure connectivity as the network grows and reduce the number of appliance purchases. The NSa 4700 and NSa 6700 provide up to 115,000 and 153,000 connections per second, respectively. It also supports up to 2 million or 6 million DPI simultaneous connections and up to 4000 or 6000 site-to-site VPN tunnels. Meanwhile, the NSsp 13700 is designed for enterprise-class networks and MSSPs that support millions of encrypted connections, enabling fast threat protection. It offers excellent speeds in threat protection throughput (45.5 Gbps), IPS (48 Gbps), and IPsec (29 Gbps), and has an expandable hardware architecture with high port density. Like SonicWall’s other new products, the NSsp 13700 supports the latest encryption standard, TLS 1.3.