[Image]Yukina Kinoshita 2 shots with “Ikemen J Leaguer”!

The man who walks with me is Toshifumi Fujimoto (50) of his ex-husband, “FUJIWARA”, who is familiar with the Tsukkomi of “Big face!” It’s an athlete-type fine macho twink that looks good on tanned tanned skin. When the three meet with men and women who seem to be friends at a nearby condominium, they go to the park. The handsome man enjoyed playing soccer with Makana and his friends for about an hour, and when the sun went down, he returned to the condominium that seems to be his friend’s house with Yukina. The identity of this man who is worried about-it is Hidetoshi Miyuki (28) who belongs to J1 “Shonan Bellmare”. Moreover, the two have already started dating. An agency official reveals. “I heard that the two met after retiring from the entertainment world last year with the introduction of a common acquaintance. Miyuki is doing hard training every day, but it takes an hour and a half after practice, and Mr. Kinoshita frequently It is said that she is visiting her home. Of course, she has already been introduced to her daughters. I heard that both of them are very fond of each other. It is true that there was a figure of Miyuki visiting Yukina after practice on another day. On this day, when the two of us came out of her apartment in the evening, we went to a nearby supermarket. If you buy fresh food with a familiar hand, you will leave the store in less than 15 minutes. When I held hands, I got along and went home. On the way, Miyuki gently leads Yukina, who is trying to cross the road, just pulling out and saying, “That’s dangerous!” Yukina also happily followed, and it looked like ♡♡ (love love). However, what is worrisome here is the relationship with his ex-husband, Fujimon, who divorced at the end of 2019. As this magazine reported in the June 19th issue of last year, Fujimon lives in the same condominium as Yukina even after the divorce, although the floor is different. Moreover, they sometimes pick up and drop off children and have dinner together. During the interview period, I witnessed Fujimon driving in and out during school hours many times. Furthermore, in May of this year, Yukina was sued by a cosmetics company and others for 300 million yen in connection with the tapioca store threatening case. At that time, because the name of the court document was “Yukina Fujimoto”, even a disguised divorce theory was spouted out … Are you really starting a new life with Miyuki? I hit Yukina himself. ――Is it dating with Hidetoshi Miyuki of “Shonan Bellmare”? “Yes. I’m going out with the whole family, including my daughter.” ――How is your relationship with your daughters and Miyuki? “That’s right. Both of them are very fond of it. Because he treats me like that … I try to watch the game he plays with everyone.” ――It’s already half-living. I heard that. “I don’t know if I can say that I live together, but I spend most of my time together.” Yukina stopped by for a sudden interview and occasionally answered with a smile. While being overwhelmed by the dignified “Dating Declaration”, he also turned his attention to his relationship with Fujimon. ――Does Mr. Fujimoto still live in the same condominium? “Yes, I live.” –Do you know about dating? “That’s right … I know that there is such a” special existence “.” ――Is the “special existence” considered for marriage? “Well, get married? No, that’s not the case right now (laughs). But I’m still getting support. Especially the mental side. They also take care of my children. That’s why. It’s really important. ”Finally, he said with a smile and went home. Also, when I asked Miyuki about dating, he said, “I think he is straight and has no lies. As a mother of two children, as a woman, he will do what he has to do. His ideal wife. Statue … That’s a lie, but I think he’s an attractive person. ” From the smiley response to the direct hit, we can see the fulfillment of having a new partner. It may not be long before we can hear the good news again.