[Enlarged image]VAIO Z’s three-dimensional molded full carbon body that achieves both rigidity and light weight at a high levelAlthough we are expanding our business domain to product genres other than PCs, the core of the manufacturer is PCs. With the know-how to bring out high performance from small size and light weight, small housing volume, and product planning that considers the details of the feeling of use, we always develop tablet-type PCs specialized for creators. The independent company VAIO has been shaped in search of “something that must be done”. Kaoru Hayashi, a director and executive officer, has consistently led the development of such VAIO. He is also the director of the in-house established Technology Center that promotes both product development and R & D. Since I have been interviewing Mr. Hayashi since the Sony era, it has been more than 10 years since I first heard about it, but there are still some things that haven’t changed since then. That is to develop with attention to detail, “Better VAIO.” Initially, he concentrated on product development as a development manager. Currently, as an executive officer, he is in a position to overlook the entire technology department from product development to R & D, but in a good way he is working on product manufacturing from the same perspective as when he was in charge of one product. The latest work that Mr. Hayashi led the development team is “VAIO Z” released in February. However, this time I dared to ask not only the VAIO Z but also the vision for the future. The VAIO Z is lightweight and high-performance, and while there are no other similar products, it’s not affordable enough for everyone to get. On the other hand, among VAIO PCs in recent years, I also feel a new concept that feels like the first step of a new generation. Therefore, I decided to ask Mr. Hayashi about the new VAIO Z that he arrived at in the seven years from 2014, the renewal of the lineup that started from there, and the direction.