[Image]Requesting identity verification on the auction screenAt Yahoo! Auctions, the problem is “mischievous bidding,” in which bids and successful bids are made without actually purchasing. Therefore, the company conducted pre-bid identity verification at specific auctions in March and June, when prices were expected to rise. We asked bidders to submit identity verification documents such as a driver’s license and My Number card that can confirm the name and address associated with the Yahoo! Japan ID, so that bidders can bid after passing the examination. As a result, there were no mischievous bids. The company analyzed that “mandatory identity verification has led to the deterrence of mischievous bids.” In the future, it is considering introducing it to auctions by individual sellers, but the timing is undecided. The company has been conducting patrols to suspend the use of “discarded accounts” prepared for mischief, and setting at the time of listing to limit the users who can bid above a certain rating. In addition, the company plans to strengthen its countermeasures by establishing a blacklist to prevent violations of the rules due to reacquisition of IDs.