[Image]Comments from the performing artistsThe event, which was scheduled to be held at “Hitachi Seaside Park” in Ibaraki Prefecture in August, was held after the representative of the Ibaraki Medical Association handed a request for prevention of new coronavirus infection to the organizer. Is stopped just before. Yoichi Shibuya, the general producer, said, “We can’t fully respond to the request from the medical association,” he said. At the time of the announcement, the fans who were looking forward to the event and the artists who were planning to appear also sent comments. Taka of “ONE OK ROCK” updated the Instagram stories, declined “my opinion”, and said, “Japanese music lovers and musicians who forgive me for being helpless or unfortunate are really kind. It’s almost time for everyone to get angry. ” LiSA is aiming for the staff of the event, and says, “Make sure to be on the stage of ROCK IN JAPAN FES. Satoru Iguchi of “King Gnu” said, “There are vague rules and sympathetic pressure in this country right now.” “I wonder if there is a way to make everyone happy, not someone unhappy.” Post a tweet asking. Yojiro Noda of “RADWIMPS” said that he had “personal feelings” and questioned that the Tokyo Olympics were allowed to be held while these events were canceled. I have a feeling of being “foolish”. ” In addition, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tweeted a word of “Rockin” with a crying face emoji. Ichiro Yamaguchi of “Sakanaction” said, “I’m sorry, but I have no choice but to move forward,” and proposed a dialogue between the Ibaraki Medical Association, which started the cancellation, and Yoichi Shibuya, the representative of the event. In addition, Kenta Kataoka of “sumika” felt angry and unavoidable at the cancellation of the event, but “I want to cry after seeing the live performance of the co-star who is jealous one year later. And I stand firmly on the same stage. I want to be with you, “he said, adding his enthusiasm for the event next year. In addition, Masafumi Gotoh of “ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION” announced a long comment in his note. While showing a certain understanding of the request of the Ibaraki Medical Association, which triggered the cancellation of the event, he presented questions about the government’s response to the new coronavirus and the holding of the Tokyo Olympics. On top of that, he clarifies his stance, saying, “I think I have a responsibility to maintain a society where everyone can enjoy music freely (not in the sense of being open-minded).” I will.