[Photo]Yuko Ogura wearing a black dress with bare feetKokura will appear on Nippon Television’s “Downtown DX” broadcast on the 1st. Mr. A, who is said to be separated, was whispered about the “air reunion theory”, but MC Masatoshi Hamada asked, “What are you doing now, your husband?” “I have three children now. However, I live a little differently from my husband, but don’t worry about it at all. ” JOY, who was sitting next to me, asked me, “What about divorce?”, But Ogura kept smiling, “I haven’t divorced, and I’m proposing that I want to spend time well.” Confession. By making the story of the marital relationship that was difficult to touch until now, offers from variety shows are expected in the future. The program also introduces the monthly food expenses of the “Ogura family”. The total is 150,000 yen, of which 90,000 yen for supermarkets and home delivery, 30,000 yen for fruits, 10,000 yen for backorders, 10,000 yen for cakes, and 10,000 yen for sake. Among them, some people were surprised at the fruit cost of 30,000 yen a month, but Ogura said, “I want to keep the fruit from being stingy.” He also revealed that he is spending 250,000 yen a month for his three children. Ogura confessed that his child’s insurance was “denominated in yen and dollars.” He emphasized that the accumulation period is 10 years and “it can be used as a substitute for life insurance. If something happens to me, I will get paid.” Based on the above, the monthly living expenses of the Ogura family are 150,000 yen for food and 250,000 yen for insurance, which is 400,000 yen. Even if you own an office for rent and beauty, if you add entertainment expenses, smartphone charges, children’s lessons, etc., it will be calculated that at least 500,000 yen or more will fly a month. A person involved in the variety show said, “I was surprised. Mr. Ogura must have suffered serious damage as a mama-dare due to a series of separation turmoil. Some commercials had their contracts terminated. I was wondering if it was tough, but it was ridiculous. It was a winner. ” There is a possibility that Mr. A, a dentist, has helped a part of his living expenses, but he is still wealthy. A female financial planner said, “Since you can spend 250,000 yen on monthly insurance and 3 million yen a year, it is thought that you will earn tens of millions of yen. Originally she is solid and has operational experience with surplus funds. I wonder if there was one. ” The smile on the show may have been a sign of leeway.