[Photo]Creamy cheese and egg pasta from “Pasta King”The store opened in November last year but was closed for several months due to the owner’s business trip. Business resumed on April 1st. The owner, Thamali Abeyratne, was serving pasta at home parties and was advised by a friend to open the restaurant. “First of all, I decided to try only the delivery that I accept online. It’s a good income,” says Tamari. The menu is “Creamy Chicken Curry Pasta” (Rs.750), “Spicy & Creamy Black Pork Pasta” (Rs.950), “Spicy & Creamy Chicken Liver Pasta” (Rs.750), “Creamy”・ In addition to “Mushroom Pasta” (Rs.700), “Creamy Cheese & Egg Pasta” (Rs.595) for children has recently been added. Delivery response time is from 11:00 to 21:00. Delivery fee is free. Orders are accepted by phone with the apps “Pick Me Food,” “Uber Eats,” and “eatts.”