[Photo]Fumi Nikaido, who loves airplanes, and Rena Matsui, who loves Shinkansen, have a hot hobby talk.Shigeoka and Nakano will appear in the Friday drama “# Family Wanted” which started on July 9th (Friday). Shigeoka, who reveals his worries that he has few friends, asks his senior Sho Sakurai, “What should I do to make friends?” Furthermore, in that flow, we talked about the “big brothers’ association” that Sakurai manages as a “junior group who longs for Sakurai”. In addition, Nakano brought his hobby instant camera as a souvenir. An improvisational good friend photo session will be held with all the members of the evening party. Nikaido and Matsui, who co-star in the Tuesday drama “Promise Cinderella” that started on July 13th, also visited the evening party house for the first time. Nikaido, who loves airplanes, and Matsui, who loves the Shinkansen, have a hot hobby talk. “Please listen!” And show off “Wota Talk”, which is a tension explosion. In addition, each person brings their own “local recommended gourmet”. Unexpected foods that only locals know will appear.