[All photos]”Strength” heard from Shotaro Mamiya and Nobuyuki Suzuki

To protect your loved ones. To change myself. Takemichi (Takumi Kitamura) who time-leaped 10 years ago. Nobuyuki Suzuki plays Kiyomasa, a bad guy with a tag that stands in front of Takemichi, and Shotaro Mamiya plays Kiyomasa, who shows an unusual attachment to Tokyo Revengers’ number one Mikey (Ryo Yoshizawa). This is the definitive edition of the new generation Yankee movie. What kind of answer will the two who played the clash of hot men give about strength? ――What did you both keep in mind when you played the role? Mamiya: In this story, there is almost no explanation of what kind of person Kisaki is. In the mystery, the only thing that is close to the core is the line that says, “You shouldn’t be next to Mikey.” But I don’t know in this movie whether it’s because I want to be by my side to get Mikey and eat it, or if it means something else. So, first of all, I was thinking that I would like to leave a strong impression on the people who watched it. ――It takes skill to show your presence in a short turn. Mamiya But I think that because it’s short, it can have a presence on the contrary. Isn’t there something you’re curious about because it comes out at point points? So instead of trying to force something bigger. As everyone else diverges their feelings in words, I was conscious of accumulating energy inside and inside, with the intention of sucking rather than diverging. ――How about Mr. Suzuki? It looked like he was bigger than usual. Suzuki: I also wanted to make it look a little bigger, so I ate quite a bit during the shooting period. I think it was more than 5kg heavier than it is now. Also, when it comes to appearance, I had a bear drawn under my eyes. I thought Kiyomasa wouldn’t have eaten something that was good for her. I made the director Tsutomu Hanabusa talk about whether to add a bear because he always wanted to be a character with insufficient sleep and undernourishment. ――I would love to hear about the end of the confrontation scene with Takemichi. Suzuki: Shooting was interrupted due to the influence of Corona before Russ standing (the last standing around). It’s been a long time, and at the end I took only the last standing. So, first of all, praying that there will be no injuries and that there will be no infected people from the cast or staff. We also challenged and overcome it with the intention of revenge, so when it was over, I was deeply moved, and at the end I shook hands with Takumi-kun.