[Photo]See a larger photoAccording to Hyundai Department Store, a total of 69 people have been infected with the new coronavirus related to the current department store trade center store announced by the epidemic prevention authorities. All 69 people identified to date are identified as employees working at trade centers. Hyundai Department Store has conducted a 100% inspection of the new coronavirus on all 3,600 employees working at the trade center store. By the 7th of this month, the test results for about 3,100 people have been released, and the test results for the remaining 500 people are scheduled to be released by the same day. Hyundai Department Store plans to devote itself to self-prevention and hygiene management through close cooperation with epidemic prevention authorities during the holidays of the trade center store. For the safety of staff working in stores, the plan is to establish and operate a “safety epidemic officer” system that manages compliance with epidemic prevention guidelines for facilities used by employees such as warehouses and rest spaces. Hyundai Department Store President Kim Hyun-jung said, “In a situation where there is growing concern about the“ 4th wave ”of the new coronavirus, we will minimize additional spread and comprehensively consider the safety of customers and staff, etc., this month. We have decided to close the trade center store until the 12th in consultation with the epidemic prevention authorities. ” President Kim said, “We deeply apologize to all the customers who are concerned about the outbreak at the trade center store.” “During the temporary closure period, we implemented thorough epidemic prevention measures through discussions with the epidemic prevention authorities and implemented thorough epidemic prevention measures for customers and customers. We will do our best to provide our staff with a safe shopping space. “