[Photo]”Welcome back!” “Enjoy Japan” … Eriko Nakamura’s APA Hotel isolation life

“After a 12-hour flight, I took procedures and tests at the airport, stayed at the airport for about four and a half hours, and then moved by bus to an APA hotel in Tokyo. I was exhausted and entered the room. I was isolated here for three days.” I uploaded 7 photos. In the 14 days of isolation life spent as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, he introduced a friend’s insertion in the situation that “the window does not open and I can not go out to the corridor”. “I’m too happy with the bath salt to put it in,” he said with joy. He also spelled “My mother and sister will put it in the next day! While talking on the phone, I found my sister’s car through the window that does not open!” “The fifth photo is my sister’s car. The sixth is my sister. “The hotel room I looked up at,” he continued with the photo. The quarantine period was over, and he said, “I had a negative test again on the day I left, so I left safely! Also, I returned to the airport with other people and returned home from there. I was there. ” At the end, “That’s why the quarantine period of 14 days has ended! The first thing I went to was to be able to go out, the driver’s license test site I was able to successfully renew the expired license, and the test site was renewed The people at the test site were calm, kind and very impressed. It was the start of my stay in Tokyo !! ” Fans have commented, “Welcome back!”, “Enjoy Japan”, “I want to meet you by chance”, and “Thank you for your hard work in isolation”.