[Video]Investors who continue to assault Slap men who have entered the still state (around 1 minute 30 seconds)After a man appears on the screen, the chasing man kicks from behind. The man points his finger at the man who cannot get up while he is lying down, and keeps kicking him violently. He also slapped the man who stopped the assault. The excited man is Zhang CEO (57 years old) of “Koten Investment” who manages about 3.4 trillion yen in Japanese yen and invests in space-related businesses. At the dining table, Mr. Zhang asked the victim’s man and an 85-year-old woman to recommend himself to a prestigious “graduate” in China’s academic field, but he said he was refused and committed the crime. The assault of hitting and kicking was relentlessly carried out for more than 10 minutes, and the man was seriously injured, including a broken bone. Mr. Zhang was detained, and when the video of the crime was spread on SNS, criticisms such as “should be punished with arrogance” and “this is the tip of the iceberg” erupted. (From ABEMA / “ABEMA Hills”)