[See another image about this article]Both products are the third in a new series “Premium Finish” planned by Japan. The “Premium Finish” lineup is selected from the popular studio series and WFC series. Because it is finished with Japan’s original coloring / weathering paint, you can enjoy the appearance of Hollywood live-action movies and Netflix CG animation works as they are. ■ PF SS-03 Megatron Price: 6,380 yen (tax included) In the third PF, Megatron appears from the first movie “Transformers”. Megatron, which crashed on the ancient Earth and was long used for the development of human science and technology and was called the abiotic extraterrestrial life form (NBE-1) in Sector 7, transforms into an alien jet. .. Since this product reproduces the colors and textures that match the image more faithfully, you can enjoy reproducing the scenes of the movie.[Details]Megatron body (1), weapon (1), instruction manual (1) ■ PF WFC-03 Ultra Magnus Price: 9,680 yen (tax included) The third installment from Premium Finish WFC is the War for Cybertron “Siege”. Introducing Ultra Magnus. Autobot military commander. It transforms from robot mode to vehicle mode (transporter car) with a total length of about 26 cm. The trailer head part is transformed into a single robot, and by mounting and combining the rear carrier car part, armor-up combination can also be reproduced. Here, too, the colors and textures that match the image are reproduced more faithfully, so you can enjoy the scene reproduction of the CG animation image.[Details]Ultra Magnus body (1), weapon[gun](1), weapon[blaster](2), weapon[launcher](2), instruction manual (1) © TOMY * The image is a prototype. The shape and coloring may differ from the final specifications.