CM appearance history of TOKIOIn the “Appearance” section, Shigeru Joshima, the president of “TOKIO Co., Ltd.” asked, “Did you know that the Fukushima Prefectural Office had a TOKIO section?” The one room that was created is projected. “The TOKIO section has already begun to move, with this car,” Taichi Kokubun introduces the official wrapping car “Fukushima,” which has the logo and visuals of the new slogan “One, One, Realize Fukushima.” A car to be realized. ” The three people who got in immediately departed for various parts of the prefecture. Meat, seafood, sake. Enjoy the delicious foods of Fukushima, smile involuntarily, and wear a matching special jumper named “Fukushima Prefectural Office TOKIO Division”. “I think you can do a lot of interesting things, right?”, He said, “If you see this car, please be excited that something will start” and appeal to the start of “TOKIO section”. In addition, in the “Peach” edition, Fukushima’s peaches are in season, Jojima, in the “Summer vegetables” edition, fresh summer vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes are in Kokubu, and in the “Marine products” edition, the beach. Masahiro Matsuoka, who visited the fishing port on the street, will communicate the charm of freshly harvested agricultural, forestry and fishery products from Fukushima Prefecture while actually interacting with the producers. All the shooting of this new commercial was done in the prefecture, and the “appearance” version was carried out at the Fukushima prefectural office. As for the driving scene of the official wrapping car, the car was actually brought to Hamadori, Nakadori, and Aizu districts in the prefecture. The “Peach” version, in which Jojima appears, was shot in the parking lot of the Fukushima Prefectural Office, and although the temperature was high and the sun was shining, the delicious expression of Jojima clinging to the peach was impressive. The “Summer Vegetables” version was shot with a set of vegetable direct sales offices in the fields of vegetable producers in the prefecture. Producers in the prefecture will also appear, and the highlight will be the interaction between the producers who speak in Fukushima dialect and Kokubu. In the “Seafood” version, which was filmed at a fishing port in Iwaki City, the scene of Matsuoka and four fishermen was wrapped in a warm mood, with each one shouting the name of their favorite fish toward the sea in turn. I was.