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US President Joe Biden made a speech to the public on the 6th (local time) and tried to encourage the new corona vaccination. With the number of new cases of new corona infection increasing rapidly in the United States, the majority of infected people have been confirmed to be delta mutants, which means that they will respond by increasing the stagnant vaccination rate. However, the United States and Europe have a policy of maintaining the already planned release plan, and it is unknown whether the delta mutant can be overcome by expanding vaccination alone. “Millions of Americans have not yet been vaccinated and are not protected,” Biden said in a speech. He then emphasized that “(unvaccinated) is more concerned about infection with delta mutant strains,” and since May, most of the hospitalized and dead people in the United States have been unvaccinated. “Please inoculate now,” he repeatedly urged. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knows that more than 25% of the latest outbreaks in the United States are infected with the Delta mutant. In this regard, the White House said, “Vaccination basically depends on each (decision)” (Jen Psaki), and President Biden’s mention is the importance of vaccination. He explained that he should accept it as an emphasis. Meanwhile, President Biden said, “By this weekend, 160 million Americans are expected to reach completion of vaccination.” Initially, the traditional goal of achieving it by the 4th of this month, the US Independence Day, is about a week behind. For this reason, the Byden administration has △ 42,000 pharmacies in the United States without reservation vaccinations △ To increase vaccinations for 12-18 year olds, to spread more vaccines in pediatrics and family medicine △ For workplace vaccinations Cooperation with employers △ Expansion of mobile clinics for inoculation of festivals, sports competitions, churches, etc. △ The plan to introduce an “emergency response team” consisting of experts at the corona hotspot was revealed. The problem is that there are no plans to change the blockade mitigation plan. Many states (states) such as New York, California, and Florida have already lifted the blockade, and major cities such as New York City and Los Angeles (LA) are planning to completely reopen schools from September. The situation is the same in Europe. Britain will loosen all blockades related to the new Corona on the 19th. France will be able to reopen from 9th to entertainment facilities, following the lifting of the blockade measures in the southwestern region where delta mutants are rapidly spreading on the 6th of this month. Germany is also aiming to lift all socio-economic restrictions from next month. Health experts are concerned that if the US and Europe ease the blockade and focus solely on expanding vaccination, there is a good chance that the mutant strain will spread. If a large-scale infection becomes a reality, the situation may continue to worsen dominoes, simply in the sense that more mutants could potentially emerge.