[See another image about this article]The “400-SSA003” is a network camera that allows you to check your home with the camera installed from outside using your smartphone. You can watch the camera image from your smartphone with the dedicated app. You can check the video in high-definition image quality, and you can switch between “low image quality mode: SD” and “high image quality mode: HD” with reduced communication volume on the application side. In addition, it is equipped with an infrared night vision mode that allows you to take clear pictures even in dark places or at night. With motion detection and voice detection functions, a notification will be sent to your smartphone when it is detected. In addition, you can make a two-way call with the camera and smartphone, and you can talk in real time. A microSD card can be built into the camera for continuous recording. In addition, camera images can be shared by up to 6 people. The main body size is about W630 x D580 x H960 mm, and the weight is about 146 g. It can be used while being powered by USB with the attached cable.