[Photo]3 MCs of Natsuki Kamata, Haruka Kumazaki, and Nao Furuhata and newly selected members in live distribution

Natsuki Kamata, Haruka Kumazaki, and Nao Furuhata will appear as MCs in the live stream. Regarding what kind of song the 28th single “I found you at that time” is, although I can not talk about it in detail, I described it as a “royal road song”, and many comments from fans with expectations. Was sent. The first thing that was announced was the latest information on the coupling songs. It was announced what kind of music will be recorded in each form that has already been announced. Of particular note is “Aozora Kataomoi” recorded in Type-A. This song is SKE48’s second single song released in 2012. The songs sung by the active members of SKE48 will be recorded. Type-B is a “teens unit” decided by “The future is in the hands of girls” that decides the members who will sing the coupling of the 28th single that was carried out in the collaboration project of the previous work “Koiochifuragu” and Seven Net. , And Type-C contains a cheering song for the izakaya “Yamachan in the World,” which is known for its Nagoya specialty chicken wings. Then the VTR was played and the selected members of the 28th single were announced. There are 18 selected members. Of these, three were selected for the first selection: Hinano Aomi (20 years old), Miyo Nomura (18 years old), and Mio Hayashi (12 years old). Hinano Aomi and Miyo Nomura, who were selected for the first time, appeared in the studio, and Aomi said, “I’m glad I finally announced it to the fans. Thanks to the fans,” Nomura said, “Support. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who did this. I want to be an entrance so that people can get to know the contents of SKE48 well. ” In addition, Mio Hayashi said in a comment video, “When I got in touch, I was worried and I felt that I was okay, but since I was selected, I would like to perform as hard as I can. And I do not know SKE48. I would like to perform so that people will like SKE48 through this song, “he said with enthusiasm. ▽ SKE48 28th single “I found you at that time” Selected members Team S: Ruka Inoue, Yoshino Kitagawa Team KII: Yuki Arai, Yuna Ego, Mina Oba, Yuzuki Hidaka, Nawa Furuhata Team E: Asai Yuka, Natsuki Kamada, Haruka Kumasaki, Kaho Sato, Sakuraka Suenaga, Makoto Sugawara, Akari Suda, Yuki Takahata First selection: Hinano Aomi (Team S), Miyo Nomura (Team S), Mio Hayashi (Research student) ) * Yuki Takahata’s “high” is officially written as “ladder”