[Photo]See a larger photoThe Korean Sport & Olympic Committee said, “The 32nd Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, which was scheduled to be held in 2020, has been postponed for one year due to the worldwide spread of the new corona, and many difficulties have arisen in the preparation process.” “We are implementing pre-education to actively deal with various crises that may occur during the Games,” he said on the 6th. Pre-education is divided into “common education” and “event-specific education”, and common education consists of five areas: △ Olympic Charter, △ Playbook (corona measures), △ Anti-doping, △ Human rights, and △ Safety. If there is a problem with the judgment during the tournament, the procedure for each item will be different, so we will develop educational materials with experts such as international referees for each item and under the supervision of each item’s organization in June. Education by item has been conducted since the 15th. An official of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee said, “In order to prepare for the infection situation of the new corona that may occur during the tournament, local special situation, misjudgment, etc. at the team headquarters, the team leader will be represented in cooperation with the government and related organizations. We plan to create a general situation room and deal with this. ” Lee Ki-hoon, chairman of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, said, “By preparing to systematically respond to various cases of concern, we will protect the achievements and fruition of the Korean team and enjoy the Korean athletes’ games to their heart’s content. I want to. “