[See the photo]Shinobu Otake and Riho Yoshioka, who showed good friendship from beginning to end

STUDIO4 ℃ of “Movie Entotsucho no Pupel” (20) worked on the animation production, and this work is a heartfelt story of mother and daughter Meiko and Kikuko who live in a boat at a fishing port. Otake plays the main character, Nikuko-chan, and Yoshioka plays the role of Nikuko-chan’s best friend, Miu, when she was young. At the beginning, Otake greeted with a playful greeting, “Thank you very much for buying the ticket today. I think I can talk slowly and properly because there are no producers today (laughs).” When asked about the first offer to play the role of Meatko, “Yoshimoto Kogyo said,” Mr. Sanma, the producer must be Mr. Otake. ” It seems that he didn’t say that at all, and Yoshimoto cheated me (laughs), “he said,” but I’m really glad I got out. The world of Nikuko-chan, which is different from the original. It feels warm and widespread. “Laughing” makes me feel kind and I’m really glad I got out, “he said. On the other hand, Yoshioka also mentioned when he received the offer, saying, “I received an email from the president of the office saying,’pacific saury-san wants you to come out.’ But I thought it was a lie (laughs).” While saying, “I was very nervous, but Shinobu-san can play Meiko-chan, and my mother likes the original, and when I read it, this is a wonderful work. I thought it was a great honor. ” It is said that the producer, Sanma Akashiya, was also present at the dubbing, but when Yoshioka, who was asked about the episode at the scene, said, “Tell me a lot …”, Otake said, “I’m totally impressed. Everything … (laughs). I don’t remember a single word … I just remember talking (laughs) “and invited laughter at the venue while following up, and at the time of Otake’s dubbing,” (Sanma-san) somewhere. There was a great desire to laugh, and there was a request for ad lib, but I remember that the director was in great trouble because the picture was already completed, “he revealed behind the scenes. The two of them show excellent friendship during the event, but they did the dubbing separately, and Yoshioka went to the dubbing while listening to the voice of Meiko-chan played by Otake. “It’s a great sense of security, or the feeling that Shinobu-san plays Nikuko-chan is full of heart, and that emotion is directly transmitted to the sound, making me feel like I’m on my side as Nikuko-chan. In particular, regarding the scene where Miu sings “Hymne à l’amour” with a humming song, “I love Shinobu-san’s Edit Piaf, and I watch Shinobu-san singing” Hymne à l’Amour “at the theater. I’ve always remembered the feeling I had when I was there, and I thought that I would never be able to sing “Hymne à l’amour” with a humming song in “Fishing Port Meat Child” like Shinobu-san. I didn’t write it at all, and I was surprised because I was suddenly told, but I was grateful, “he revealed an impressive episode. Also, why did pacific saury decide to make this work? When the MC asked, Otake joked, “I can’t say I’m making money (laughs)” and said, “I’ve always liked warm things, and maybe I’m not laughing in the corner if I’m here. People who find people and say why they aren’t laughing. I’ve always loved making people happy, so I think I wanted to make something like that. ” Regarding this work, Yoshioka once again said, “After all, the story of the bond between Meiko and Kikuko. Rather than the work I participated in, I objectively felt the deep affection of my mother from the movie, and Kikuko’s growth process. Also, the picture was very beautiful and I was fascinated by it. ” At the end of the game, Director Watanabe, who appeared with a bouquet for the two of them, said, “(The acting of the two) was so wonderful that I thought it would be better to stop the animation and put it on the stage together.” A solid compliment. There was also a scene where he expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am truly happy to have worked with them. They have printed a wonderful play on the film.” At the end, Otake said, “A movie that makes me believe that if other people can be kind to each other, I can feel happy. If you want to cherish contact with such people, I recommend it to your friends. Yoshioka also said, “I was watching while remembering my mother. I wanted to thank the people who raised me in this way.” It’s a work that I wish I could do. A work that moves a lot of money is certainly wonderful, but I thought that this movie wanted to be a movie that moves people’s hearts. I would be grateful if you could watch over me for a long time. “Interview / text / Sara Tomitsuka