[Photo]See a larger photoOn the 7th, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a video with such a prayer on the official YouTube website. Kyoto International High School, a Korean school in Japan, finished in the top 16 at the 93rd Japan High School Baseball Tournament called “Spring Koshien” in March this year. It is the first time that a Korean school has participated in Koshien after the end of the war in 1945 and after independence. It is said that Japan, which has a hot baseball enthusiast, has about 4,200 high school baseball teams nationwide. Of these, the spring Koshien is to select and compete with 32 schools with excellent results in the autumn tournament, and since the competition is fierce, it is an honor to even step on the soil of the Koshien stadium (the home stadium of the Hanshin Tigers). Has been evaluated. Opened in 1947, other Kyoto International High Schools participated in the national tournament main tournament for the first time as a Korean high school after the establishment of the baseball club in 1999, and won the first round of Koshien in the spring of March 24, this year. On this day, a Korean school song that began with “Crossing the eastern sea and the land of Yamato is a place of great ancestors’ ancient dreams …” spread at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium where the match was held. Although it is called a Korean school, the majority of current students are Japanese. However, we aim to provide education in which Korean, English, and Japanese can be used freely. “The success of everyone who advanced to Koshien in March impressed us all,” said Chung. “The appearance of cheering and celebrating together apart from the nationalities of Korea and Japan.” It remains in our memory as it did yesterday. ” In August of this year, Kyoto International High School will challenge the national high school baseball championship called Koshien again in the summer. It is expected to be much more fierce competition than Spring Koshien in that it will have to go through regional qualifying tournaments for each prefecture.