[Image]A lion that seems to be nostalgic for Chinese owners

According to online media Weiss, the lion was found and protected in the villa of Chinese businessman Chi Xiao. A video of the male lion being held by a human and playing in the water with a hose was posted on Tiktok, which was a hot topic on social media. The Wildlife Alliance, an animal rescue organization that cooperated with the Cambodian authorities’ investigation, points out that the lion’s canines and claws have been removed, “which dramatically reduces the quality of life of the lion.” It was. “Cambodia is a relay country for wildlife trafficking. We are actively participating in the fight against illegal wildlife trade, and prevent illegal trade,” said Nace Fairktra, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment of Cambodia. We are working on countermeasures. ” The case seemed to have settled down due to protection, but it unfolded unexpectedly on July 4. It is said that the country’s prime minister, Hun Sen, has begun to embark on the situation and has been returned to his original owner on the condition that the owner creates a cage. It is said that it was allowed as a special case because it was talked about on SNS that the owner really loved it. Certainly, if you look at the photos posted on Facebook, it looks like you’re attached to the owner’s family and relaxing with your pet dog. However, reports of protection have pointed out that “loose crackdowns and widespread corruption are driving wildlife black trade.” There are also great disappointments about this special measure, such as “ruining the fight against illegal trade.”