[Image]Announcement by an industry group“Fast movie”, which is a 10-minute edit of the movie content, is one of the video styles that has been increasing on YouTube in recent years. However, many of them are made by cutting and pasting the video and audio of the main movie without permission, and there is a concern that it may lead to copyright infringement and not watching the main movie, so voices from the movie industry consider it a problem. It was up. According to a survey and estimation by the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), the cumulative number of views of the currently confirmed videos alone is over 477 million, and the cumulative damage amount is over 95 billion yen. According to the CODA announcement, police investigated and found that in addition to the three people who had already been arrested, there was a suspicion that the person in charge of narration was also involved in copyright infringement, and two new people were written. He was sent on suspicion of violating the copyright law. CODA will continue to take strict measures, such as identifying malicious uploaders through international enforcement procedures.